Indian Air Force Salary And Ranks – 7th CPC Basic Pay & MSP

Indian Air Force Salary And Ranks – 7th CPC Basic Pay & MSP: The Indian Air Force is one of the part of the Indian defense system and is an integral part of our forces. The Highest officer in rank in the Indian Air Force is the Air Chief Marshal, the current officer holding this rank is Birender Singh Dhanoa and he is the 25th chief to hold this rank. It is the profession of the utmost valour and pride and the candidate applying for it should never think about the amount of money they would be getting for serving their own country.

But as everyone knows that money is a very important part of our life and we should at least have enough to survive and to make survival for our family possible. So, this article will tell you all about the indian air force salary and benefits and will also guide you step by step in knowing all the intricate details and information about the salary of the officers serving in the Indian Air Force. A table with all the information of the salary i.e. Basic Pay, MSP and other allowances and benefits will be given further in the article below.

Indian Air Force Salary And Ranks – 7th CPC Basic Pay & MSP

The article will provide you all the correct and well researched information about the salary and the ranks of the Indian Air Force Officers. A table is given here below this paragraph, which will contain the rank of the officers in a hierarchical order where the table will start with the first position of the flying officer after which the list will go on describing the top ranks of the officers and their salary.

You can also click on the link given below to check out the official website of the Indian Air Force, where you will get all the required information about serving in the Indian Army and will also get the link to get the indian air force salary slip as well as some other detailed information that you might need.

Click here:- Official Indian Air Force Website

Let’s have a look at the table which includes the information about the salary and the ranks of the officer serving in the Indian Air Force:

Air Force Officer RankBasic Pay(in Rs.)Total Salary (Excluding MSP)MSP (Military Service Pay) (in Rs.)
Flying Officer56,10056,100 – 6900015,500
Flight Lieutenant61,30074,68415,500
Squadron Leader69,40083,73015,500
Wing Commander1,16,7001,37,49515,500
Group Captain1,25,7001,48,03215,500
Air Commodore1,34,4001,57,26015,500
Air Vice Marshal1,44,2001,61,910     –
Air Marshal HAG Scale1,72,1901,82,200     –
Air Marshal Apex Scale1,94,0352,05,400     –
Air Chief Marshal2,50,0002,50,000      –

All the information provided above is true and correct to our knowledge and has been brought out to you after a long and extensive research on the subject and has been taken from the most reliable and trustworthy sources such as the official website of the Indian Air Force. So, there are no chances of the information being wrong and you can trust the information easily and act accordingly.

Other Allowances & Benefits Of Indian Air Force

Apart from the salary and MSP, the officers of the Air Force also get further more allowances and other benefits for serving in the Indian Air Force. There are many other benefits provided by the Indian Air Force to their employees and their families, some of which include life insurance, medical support, ease to get loan from banks etc.

There are two types of benefits that are given: the first one is the serving personnel benefits which means that this allowance or benefit is only for the officers who are currently serving in the force. Whereas the second benefit is for the officers after retirement, so that they can live their life peacefully and easily in the civilised world.

Benefits for the Serving Personnel

Let us discuss about some of the benefits here according to the category they fall into. So, the first indian air force benefits that we will discuss is the benefits which are received by the army personnel currently serving in the force.

  • Insurance: All those serving in the air force get the life insurance cover under Air Force Group Insurance Scheme (AFGIS), The officers are insured for 75 lakhs and the pilots get an additional insurance cover of 10 lakh rupees.
  • Loans: The members of AFGIS can apply for loans easily, some of which are House Loan, Computer Loan & Conveyance Loan.
  • Medical: The officers and their family can get the treatment at the military hospitals with high class facilities and clean medical rooms. Not only the military hospitals, but some of the civil hospitals are also where the officers and their families can get the treatment which will be covered by the AFGIS.
  • Some other benefits include the air force wives welfare association, annual 60 days leave and casual leave for 20 days per year.

The second category of benefits is the Post retirement benefits, have a look at some of these benefits below:

  • Pension: Just like other govt. jobs, the officers in the Indian Air Force also get the pension after retirement for the rest of their lives to take care of themselves and their families.
  • Insurance: Just like we have discussed above, the officers also receive insurance after their retirement. The cover given by the society is only up to 72 years of age.
  • Medical: Cashless treatment of the officer and their families in hospitals such as Fortis, Apollo, Artemis and many others at almost every city of the country.
  • Placement Cell: The Air Force personnel who are interested in working after retirement in any other place, are provided assistance and the interviews and placement opportunities are provided to them so that they can work after retirement and keep themselves occupied.

That is all the information that we could provide you in relation with the salary and ranks, if you still have any doubts or any complaint regarding any of the given information, then you can comment below and let us know about the same. We will get back to you as soon as possible and help you in solving this problem easily and effectively.

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