Indian Army Officers And Soldiers Pay Scale (Salary) & Benefits

Indian Army Officers And Soldiers Pay Scale (Salary) & Benefits, What is Salary of a jawan, What is Salary of a officer or pay scale of a indian army soldier according to 7th pay scale. If you have any query about indian army salary or indian army officers salary, then don’t worry we are here to tell you full details about the indian army salary 2019. As you know, from 1 April 2016 Indian government increase the salary system of all central and state government employees. In this system Indian army officers and soldiers both were benefited. Now candidates wants to know the what is the exact pay in hand of indian army soldiers. This is topic about “Indian army officers and soldiers pay scale (Salary) & benefits”. So every thing will be cleared below.

Many candidates has same questions and that is “Meri salary to unki salary se kam hai kyu?”. It is clear that if two soldiers join army on same date and same year they might not have equal salary and benefits. We will discuss it below.

Indian Army Officers And Soldiers Pay Scale (Salary) & Benefits in 2019-20 According to 7th Pay Commission

We are describing the answer of question we mentioned above. Both soldier who joined army on same day and same year does not get the same pay in hand why? They don’t get the same pay in hand wether their pay scale or basic pay is same. Their location or risk allowance make the difference or that difference is not more then 4 to 10 thousands.

There are many trades or category in Indian army. As you Know basic pay is not more for all category. Sometime a soldier get more pay then a Naik.

It all depends upon there location, and the time period they have given to indian army, means there time duration in indian army.

Indian Army Officers And Soldiers Pay Scale (Salary) in 2019

Let’s check the details first and we should have good knowledge of rank system, only then we can tell you indian army salary by rank. There are to basic category in Indian army rank system.

1- Officers
2- JCO/OR (Junior Commissioned Officers/Other Rank)

Ranks under Officer category –

There are 8 ranks in officer category in Indian Army. and these are here –
Lieutenant — captain — major — lieutenant colonel — colonel — brigadier — major general — lieutenant general.

Ranks for JCO/OR Category –

There are 7 ranks under the soldier category in Indian Army. Read below.
Sepoy/Rifleman —- lance naik —- naik —- havildar —- naib subedar —- subedar —- subedar major (SM).

In Hand Salary & pay scale of soldiers in Indian Army

Post Pay ScaleGrade PayArmy Service PaySalary In Hand (Expected)
Sepoy5200-20200 1800200025,000
Lance Naik5200-20200 2000200030,000
Naik5200-20200 2400200035,000
Havaldar5200-20200 2800200040,000
Naib Subedar9300-34800 4200200045,000
Subedar9300-34800 4600200050,000
Subedar Major9300-34800 4800200065,000

In Hand Salary & pay scale of Officers in Indian Army

Post Pay ScaleGrade PayArmy Service PaySalary In Hand (Expected)
Lieutenant15600-39100 5400600068,000
Captain15600-39100 6100600075,000
Major15600-39100 660060001,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel37400-67000 800060001,12,000
Colonel37400-67000 870060001,30,000
Brigadier37400-67000 89006000
Major General37400-67000 10,000 – –
Lieutenant General37400-67000 – – –

Indian Army Officers And Soldiers Benefits & Allowances

There are some benefits which every soldier of officers will get. There are some DA and PA or Allowances for Soldiers and officers.

AllowancesBenefits ForRates
Field Area AllowancesOfficers Posted to
Field Area
4200/- Per Month
High Altitude/
Climate Siachen
Officers Posted in High
Officers Posted in Siachen

11200/- Per Month
Flying PayOfficers Posted as ArmyRs.14000/- Per Month
Parachute PayOfficers Posted in Active Parachute9000PM
Special ForcesOfficers posted in Special Forces1200PM
TransportOfficers Posted in Peace Stations9000PM
other placesHouse Rent
Officers in A1/A cities

Rs3200/-+DA PM

Rs 1600+DA PM
Govt. Accommodation
10-30% of Basic Pay
(Pay Band + Grade Pay + MSP)
Kit Maintenance Allowance
All officers400/-PM
Uniform Allowance
(Outfit Allowance)
All officers Initial14000/- and
3000/- every Three Years

We have described above some benefits and allowances for officers and soldiers.

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